Time For Rene Rancourt And Bruins Fans To Be Boston Strong Again

With the 2017 Boston Marathon having took place earlier in the day, Rene Rancourt and Boston Bruins fans at TD Garden for Game 3 against the Ottawa Senators tonight, should pay homage to those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings and show they are still Boston Strong by singing the Star Spangled Banner in unison just as they did four years ago to the day!

With the city on edge and in complete shock in the aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings, sports, as it always seems to do in such times, brought some – however minimal – sense of normalcy to the city of Boston. Despite the fear of more bombings, with the suspects still at large, the city and the Boston Bruins decided to play their scheduled game against the Buffalo Sabres on April 17, 2013, just over 48 hours after the tragic events at the finish line. It was during the National Anthem, that not only those in attendance at TD Garden united as one but also those watching on TV in Boston and around the country on NBC. Longtime national anthem singer and fan favorite in Boston, Rancourt, began the Star Spangled Banner and then raised the mic to the TD Garden crowd to sing along in unison.


For this hockey scribe who witnessed this moving moment in person and likely for many, that was when the moniker “Boston Strong” truly came to life! Sure Red Sox superstar David Ortiz reiterated that the following Saturday and just 24 hours after the second and final bomber was apprehended as seen here:


But Boston truly came together during that moment that I know I will never forget and what better way to remember it and the victims than by doing it again tonight for another national audience on NBC!

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